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Sarina Engelbrecht is a psychic medium in South Africa known for her compassion and accuracy in discerning the truth when connecting to people, the spirit world and nature.

Her lifelong interests in psychology and spirituality provide a holistic integration when facilitating healing on a physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic level. She is passionate about helping seekers of truth and bridging the gap between our physical and spiritual worlds.

She graduated from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University with a BA in Psychology (2005) and was featured in Huisgenoot Magazine alongside South Africa’s prominent psychics in August 2020. Her business achievements include being a finalist in BWASA‘s Regional Businesswoman of the Year Competition in the Entrepreneur Category.

My Journey

How I Got Started

In 2014 I traded my city life in Port Elizabeth for the beautiful Karoo village of Nieu-Bethesda. For the past 6 years I have been on a soul searching mission to find myself, my true calling and to embrace my intuitive gifts, which I have been suppressing since childhood.  This wildly exciting Shamanic path has taught me to listen to my heart, to nature, to animals and to pay attention to my dreams.  As a result, I get to walk between worlds to bring spiritual “medicine” to people

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“Covid-19 activated the fall of patriarchy and old paradigms in order to help birth a new way of doing things that will be equally beneficial to all humankind. The future has a strong focus on the rise of the divine feminine, increase in female leadership, creativity and strengthening of communities. Women stand as the custodians of trusting their intuition and teaching others to do the same, instead of waiting to be fed information from an external source to feel secure. The answers we seek are within us.

Astrologically, we entered the Lion’s Gate portal on the 8th of August 2020 which brings new energy, solutions and insights after the past few months of confusion and radical change. For South Africa, the energies are positive, and we can look forward to successfully birthing new business ideas and aligning with the right people to start afresh – celebrating a new fertile time for expansion and financial wealth. What hits rock bottom must come up to the light – this, however, does not mean that we are completely out of the danger zone yet, nor can we be ignorant about the implications of the pandemic. Lockdown affords us the time to go within, to reconnect to ourselves and our loved ones and to re-assess the things we find valuable. Internally, letting go of what no longer serves you will bring much relief and opens up space for new abundance to flow towards you. In some cases, endings and loss came unexpectedly and was painful – the loss of a job, a certain amount of freedom, financial stability, etc – we are being asked to see these things as a blessing in disguise as it helps to align us with who we truly are and what we want to do in the world. Be the change.” – Sarina Engelbrecht

“It is through our own journey that we are able to then support and guide others in navigating theirs”

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This is Me

I love all things ghostly, paranormal and magic. My Karoo adventures include Boris the border collie and Lucy the cat, which you can view here on My Karoo Life Facebook Page.

What do I believe in?

I believe in a higher power who’s unconditional love does not discriminate. Call me Spiritual rather than religious because I’ve had to learn about different faiths and how each have a valuable lesson to bring us. My journey has led me to investigate a lot of things and I am now a practicing Lightworker. Above all, I value truth and honesty.



Soul Mission

I see it as my soul mission to bring awareness to dreams, the spiritual reams and to reconnect others to nature in order to restore balance to mind, body & soul.  Dreams, ghosts, paranormal activity and the existence of angels have captivated my interest since childhood.



The Psychic Photographer

My other love is photography. I am a visual artist who is passionate about creating clear, creative, beautiful and visually effective content. With over 10 years of experience in the media industry, my project portfolio includes a range of roles such as Director of Photography (D.O.P), Photographer, Designer, Camera Operator & Production Manager.

I am available for weddings, portraits & other projects. View my photographic portfolio via


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